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ArtNews April, 2007
Ann Landi
R.C. Baker
The Village Voice
February 8, 2007Village_Voice.html

Amanda Prost

New York Spaces

March 2006

Rita Vainius
Carin Thread 2000
Leslie Alexander
Art &Antiques
   February 2002
Magic StrandsArt_and_Antiques.html
Hildreth York
Surface Design  Spring 2000
Robert Forman: The Journey of Self and OtherSurface_Design.html
Sue Supriano
The Entheogen Review
Winter Solstice 2005Entheogen_Review.html
The Star Ledger
May 12-18, 2000Star_Ledger.html

Julie Strasser

The Muhlenberg Weekly October 2003

Susan Van Dongen
Time Off June 2 - 11, 2000Time_Off.html

Rachel Mullen

Out & About  June 15, 2000

Hunterdon County Democrat

April 20, 2000

Martin Art Gallery

Muhlenberg College

Brochure 2003

Geoff Gehman

Morning Call 2003

Carol K. Russell

Fiberarts Magazine

Nov/Dec 2000

Graciela Kartofel

Fiberarts Magazine

Summer 1995

Americas Magazine 1995

Bob Martin

GoldCoast 1988

William Zimmer

The New York Times

May 14, 2000

Narratives In Thread

Hunterdon Museum of Art


Lyle Rexer

Review 1997

Robert Shuster
The Village Voice
February 24, 2010Voice2010.html
Jamie Chalmers
May 9, 2010
Jillian Steinhauer
Modern Painters
Summer 2010Modern_Painters.html
Ilene Dube
Time Off June 18 2010Time_Off.html

Push Lark Books 2011

Edited by Jamie Chalmers

Direct Art

Uncommon Threads: String Pictures by Robert Forman
Hoboken Museum Newsletter  Winter 2014HobokenMuseum.html

Schenectady Daily Gazette

by Judy Patrick

February 23, 2014HobokenReporter14.html

An Uncommon Medium: The String Paintings of Robert Forman by Trudi Van Dyke

Fall 2014

April 2015HobokenReporter14.html