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My Fulbright proposal was to meet fellow yarn painters and talk shop.

Most of the Huichol yarn painters I met worked with wool or acrylic yarn except for J Refugio Gonzalez Lopez who used the same cotton pearl that I use along with nylon to create a contrasting surface,

Refugio had traveled in Europe as part of a Russian theater group and was familiar with  European art.

When I spoke to Refugio about my frustration with being categorized as craft artist Refugio said that since he was a Native American his work is always categorized as Folk Art.

In 1992 Refugio  had two young boys, Diego and Arturo. When Refugio died I lost track of his family until recently (they found me through my web site)

Diego and Arturo and their youngest brother Rafael have worked in yarn from an early age. Their Polish mother, Julitta, brought them up in Mexico  City. The frame of reference for their work is a fusion of Huichol, Western and 21st century urban life.

Arturo honored me with a gift of one of his yarn paintings. In exchange I made him a yarn painting in which I merged the toddler I met in 1992 with the adult he has become. In the background I combined images from both his and his fathers paintings.

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Arturo, Diago, Rafael and Julitta, 2015

Julitta, Diago, Arturo and Refugio, 1992

My Yarn Painting for Arturo

Arturo’s Yarn Painting for me

Arturo with my Yarn Painting


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