Huichol Artists

In 1990 I purchased a Huichol yarn painting at a Greenwich Village Flea Market.  I was excited to find a community of artists working in the same technique I’d been developing for the past twenty years. I traveled to Mexico as a Fulbright Fellow  in 1992 to talk shop with my fellow yarn painters. Huichol artists also seemed fascinated by the coincidence of our parallel development of yarn painting.

These are some of the Huichol artists I’ve met.

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Otilia Pinedo Esparza and

  Mariano Lopez de la Cruz

J Refugio Gonzales

Francisco Bautista Carrillo


Guadelupe Gonzales Rios

Luis Ruiz

 Juan Rios Martinez

Alejandro Lopez

Jose Benitez Sanchez

Cresencio Perez Robles

Hildo Bautista  and Others

Aurelio Garcia Jimenez

Santos Daniel Carrillo Jimenez

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David Gonzalez Sanchez


Maximino Renteria De La Cruz &

Yolanda Diaz Medina

Felicitos Chávez de la Cruz

Christobal Gonzalaz

Jose Refugio Pérez González

Eligio Carrillo