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"Forman's work is about the journey-his, theirs, ours. It is about transparent shadows of the real world, shifting as we shift,  fortelling our own ephemerality even as they document us for posterity, playing tricks  on our vision like Puck, like the trickster spirits of every culture. It is about surface, but also about deeper layers and juxtapositions of thread, form, subject matter, symbol and meaning. Robert Forman is a remarkable artist and a powerful trickster, who knows that the external 

world is a surface to be penetrated to explore the many planes of existence."

Hildreth York  Surface Design Journal

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        A string picture is constructed by gluing individual colored threads to a board.

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String Pictures

A string picture is constructed by gluing individual colored threads to a board. Technical_Information.html
“At first Robert Forman’s “paintings” appear to be the product of some tricky sewing or embroidery process, but they are actually composed of thin segments of thread glued to panels, creating a complex overlay of images. The results range from straightforward depictions to dizzying abstractions...”
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