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A Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation Artist Fellowship enabled my return to Mexico in 1995. I wanted to show my yarn painting Nierica to the people who inspired it. The dream was to show the actual painting but my plan was to distribute photographs of the picture and show a small thread painting I'd made of a detail of Nierica called  Lucien y Isepia.

When I was in Mexico City I was told of a bridge built across the Chapalagana River near the Huichol settlement of Pochotita. An organization called the Committee of Solidarity with Ethnic Groups aided the Huichols in constructing the bridge. The bridge was designed by Chipila Luna, an engineer for maintenance at the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Dutch airline company K.L.M. awarded the community of Pochotita second prize in their "Bridging the World" contest. The prize was to fly key Pochotitans to Brooklyn to hold a ceremony at their sister bridge.

The Pochotitans didn't know about the contest so I was recruited to go to Pochotita and inform them of their imminent trip to New York

Below are pictures the Pochotitans in New York and Hoboken. Press the Pochotita link to see pictures of Pochotita and the Chapalagana Bridge.

Journey is my painting based on this experience.


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